Free Range Eggs

$3.00 per dozen

At 6 Wood Family Farm we deliver quality eggs from chickens that are grain fed and raised in a cage free environment. No hormones are used with our chickens and the eggs taste great with rich yolks.

Our eldest daughter, Asia, records every chicken and every egg with meticulous care. The sales of the eggs are helping to fund her college education.

Our chickens are Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds, Ameraucanas,  French Copper Marans, Wellsummers, Black Autstralorps and Barred Rocks.

Raw Milk

$6.00 per gallon

Our milk comes from  Eve, our Jersey cow. She is hormone-free, grass fed and supplemented with hay in the winter. 

Beef in season

Contact us for availability

Our beef is grass fed Black Angus and available in quarter, half or whole cows. Contact us for availability and pricing.